These are the rules:

1. Don't grief

2. Respect all players

3. Don't ask for ranks (use /review)

4. No active blocks on guestmaps

5. Don't swear or spam

6. No racism or sexism

7. No useless tunneling

8. No pillars

9. Always listen to op's

10. Have Fun 





This list of ranks is outdated and will be updated ASAP; to know which ranks are avaiable right now type /help ranks on the server. 

here is explained how that you can become promoted

builder: to become a builder you must have over 3000 blocks modified and have a build

advbuilder: to become advbuilder you need 1/4 of map filled

designer: to become a designer you must have a half-full map

creator: to become creator you must have 3/4 of a map filled

architect: to become an architect you must have a full map

griefer-police: the only way to get this rank is if an op thinks that you deserve it.

engineer: to become engineer you must have 1 full map with good builds

operator: apply on the forums (you must be architect+ to apply)

superop: apply on the forums (you must be operator to apply for this)